Culture Trip Dedicates Entire Global Workforce to Day-Long Sustainability Hackathon

Travel Scale-Up collaborates with experts Fortitude Partners to focus all its staff on championing sustainable travel solutions Culture Trip founder & CEO Dr. Kris Naudts calls on all businesses around the world to set aside at least one working day a year to tap into in-house talent to help tackling climate change collectively and globally.

  • Culture Trip is Capitalizing on the Rise of the Experience Economy

    September 24,, 2019

    Global travel group Thomas Cook collapsed on Monday, but as more travelers look for an experience, the overall industry is changing. One company that's looking to capitalize on the rise of this experience economy is Culture Trip.

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  • Meet the CEO: Kris Naudts, CEO of Culture Trip

    July 26,, 2019

    UKTN caught up with Kris Naudts, CEO of Culture Trip to discuss his journey to becoming CEO of travel inspiration website Culture Trip.

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  • The Interview: Culture Trip founder Dr Kris Naudts

    June 26,, 2019

    In the latest in our Mental Health Matters series, we ask Culture Trip founder Dr Kris Naudts what prompted him to put mental health at the heart of his travel and media start-up.

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  • Kris Naudts of Culture Trip talks about the growth of his company and how people are embracing culture as they travel

    May 1,, 2019

    Report by Culture Trip suggests that people increasingly have friends and family living abroad and are more likely to embrace other cultures .

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  • This UK Travel Brand Is Making a Splash at SXSW With Its First US Activation

    March 12,, 2019

    Culture Trip, a UK-based media company we reported on last month, brought a host of events to the famous Austin Motel for this year’s festival.

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  • Interest In Solo Female Travel Is Bigger Than Ever, A Recent Survey Shows, & I’m Booking My Plane Tickets ASAP

    March 9,, 2019

    Research from travel site Culture Trip suggests there are plenty of other women who are thinking the same thing as me, because interest in solo female travel is reportedly bigger than ever.

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  • 12 Travel Destinations You Must Visit In 2019

    December 26,, 2018

    Are you ready to take some epic vacations in 2019? Travel start-up Culture Trip just released their Top Cultural Destination Wishlist of 2019, and it sounds amazing.

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  • Growth Summit at Web Summit, Lisbon. Kris Naudts of Culture Trip

    November 7,, 2018

    Dr Kris Naudts tells the story of how Culture Trip was founded, how it has entered hypergrowth and what his plans are for the future of the company.

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  • In The Big Chair - Kris Naudts of Culture Trip

    October 1,, 2018

    Culture Trip began life in London in 2011. The company, which describes itself as a tech startup aiming to inspire people to explore the world's culture, has grown from 12 employees two years ago to almost 250, and has raised more than $100 million in funding.

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  • Young arts run free: the 50 best things to do in the UK for zilch

    September 29,, 2018

    Whether you’re a social strategist or a stone-broke student, there’s a world of cultural freebies to be seized across the UK.

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  • Investors have put $100 million into this travel media start-up — here's why it's so hot

    September 25,, 2018

    In a world where media companies are competing against Google and Facebook for eyeballs and ad dollars in a fight that has seen some publishers going out of business, online travel magazine Culture Trip appears to be bucking the trend and reaching the elusive millennial audience.

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  • Big Interview: Culture Trip sets sights on being king of travel content

    August 31,, 2018

    Lee Hayhurst speaks to founder Dr Kris Naudts ahead of his keynote at next month’s Travolution summit to find out what is driving the strategy behind one of travel’s most-talked-about new entrants.

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  • Andy Washington joins Culture Trip

    July 3,, 2018

    Online cultural specialist start-up Culture Trip has appointed former dnata chief executive B2C Europe Andy Washington to drive the launch of its new online travel booking division.

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  • Culture Trip: How A Former Shrink Found Millennial Travel Success

    March 7,, 2018

    "Think Condé Nast Traveler, but inclusive of younger audiences who aren’t so fussed about luxury - or “Lonely Planet as it might be created in the 21st century”, as Simon Calder of the BBC's Travel Show puts it."

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  • Welcome to the must-have app for anybody with an ounce of wanderlust.

    August 5,, 2017

    “Think Condé Nast Traveler, but inclusive of younger audiences who aren’t so fussed about luxury - or “Lonely Planet as it might be created in the 21st century”, as Simon Calder of the BBC’s Travel Show puts it.”

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